How to Get a Free Obama Phone

Where to get a free Obama Phone from the "Lifeline" program for free government cellphones.

You have to qualify for the free Obama phone (the Lifeline program for free government phones.) But if you qualify you can get them from authorized private phone service providers.  Some of those companies who supply free Obama phones are shown below. They will help you apply for the free Obama phones! If you don't qualify for a free Obama phone, check out the other discount phone deals from our advertisers.

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to get a free Obama phone from these companies:

Reachout Mobile
Safelink Wireless

Assurance Wireless
Phone Bill Assistance
Qlink Wireless
Terracom Wireless
Budget Wireless

Do you qualify for a free Obama phone?

[click here to check on your state]

The government’s Lifeline Program gives out “free government phones”  – known as Obama Phones – and free monthly minutes services to Americans who are eligible.
Times are not that easy for some people lately, and you might have to choose whether or not you are able to pay for your mobile cell phone, if you even own one. But  the government has authorized phone companies to provide “free government phones” to millions Americans! How much would one of these free government phones help you improve the lives of you and your family?

“An employer can reach you more easily to help you secure a job if you have a free government phone. Staying in contact with your physician and other important professionals is easier with a free government phone. A free government phone can help you stay connected with people you need to connect with.”
The government will pay for your free cell phone and service!

What is a free Obama phone?

Thanks to the FCC-mandated, government program, called LifeLine Assistance, the financially needy can apply for a “free government phone” and get up to 250 free minutes per month. About 12.5 million people are a part of this program already, and millions more qualify for eligibility. With the economy being slow, many more Americans are finding that they qualify for the Lifeline Assistance government phone service program than was possible a few years ago.

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