Obama Lied - Said the Obama Phone Viral Video Lady

“Obama lied” : The original Obama Phone Lady Has a Change of Heart on Obama!

The original Obamaphone lady, who got famous for her explosive viral video that celebrated free government phone and Obama in general years ago,  has express a complete change of heart about the President.  Shocking observations about her opinion regarding Obama's lies, broken promises and her disappointment are spoken about during her interview for infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv Alex Jones in this 2013 Youtube video.

“Obama, You Punk!”


During an Alex Jones interview Michelle she reveals that she now believes Obama “is a punk” that he “lied” and that he should “take that back where you brought it from.  Michelle used to be a devoted supporter of the Obama Campaign, a true believer in what he said about Hope and Change, about stopping high taxes and about improving the area where she lives.  Lately, however, she said she doesn’t “put anything past anyone” and has seen the proof with her own eyes that Barack's ideas for change are not panning out.  She admist to Jones that some very particular promises made by the Obama campaign to improve the area where she lives was never accomplished, and she also outlines some facts that she has become aware of since she originally starred in her famous viral video long ago.

Michelle is ready to speak out again! In her famous no-nonsense attitude she clarifies her new opinion about what she really thinks about politicians including our current president. She is surprised and unhappy about the taxes she pays after believing promises from years about “no new taxes” and so on. Unfortunately for her, she found out the hard way, she talks about how taxes ate up her first check as a maid – NOT what she expected! But her eyes are wide open now. She says “he said he wouldn’t do that!”

Jones asks Michelle Dowery who she is going to vote for in 2016. Her reply, “it sure wont be Obama”


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